"Assessments and Counseling for
Court, School and Work"
Listed below are your ordering options. Please choose any assessments you would like or hours for counseling. For counseling, you will be able to choose the type with your therapist, and a final report will be prepared upon completion. Your therapist may recommend a number of sessions, but ultimately, the choice is up to you.
If you need an assessment, and the type is not listed, please choose “Assessment: Other.” We will accommodate you. Hours and assessments can be added to your account at any time as needed.
(Counselling Sessions are 50 Minutes by Phone with 10 Minutes for Write-Up per Hour Ordered)
1 Hour of Counseling$59.95
2 Hours of Counseling$109.95
3 Hours of Counseling$159.95
4 Hours of Counseling$189.95
8 Hours of Counseling$369.95
16 Hours of Counseling$729.95
Drug & Alcohol Assessment$99.95
Domestic Violence Assessment$99.95
Anger Management Assessment$99.95
General Assessment$99.95
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